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Version 3.0 Build 33 Summary
2 New, 9 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on N/A
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New Features - Build 33
 1. Added ini settings to set the defaults for the unit of measure and unit of pricing.

 2. The QuoteWerks webconnector now supports a new method of "newfromtemplate", and you can pass the template name as the parameter "&templatename=". This enables you to start a new document from a template from a hyperlink inside salesforce.com

Misc Features - Build 33
 1. Updated/Changed the FaxRush button on the Print window to OmniRush to reflect their current product name.

 2. In salesforce.com create or update opportunity window, Opportunity stages with a 0 percent probability were not displayed in the list.

Fixes - Build 33
 1. If your return email address had an apostrophe in it like O'Toole, you would receive an error message 27120 "no return address specified" error.

 2. In the License Manager, C-type (Standard Edition) and J-type (PC Industry Edition) license keys were incorrectly allowed to be mixed.

 3. If a report was run that had no records to print, you would not be able to close the preview window.

 4. In the configurator, if you switched quickly back and forth between next and back buttons repeatedly, would receive error "object does not support this property" error.

 5. When exporting and importing XML formatted documents, leading and trailing spaces inside text fields are no longer removed.

 6. When importing XML formatted documents, for multiple line data, the end of line characters were being displayed as boxes.

 7. Rare occurences of Runtime error 13 Type mismatch when saving an import template file.

 8. Problem when importing a text file that used a field delimiter that was not a tab or comma. The import would appear to freeze.

 9. In the product lookup window, if the sort by selection was set to blank (meaning no sorting), when you selected a different sort field, it would not sort.