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Version 3.0 Build 29 Summary
12 New, 14 Fixes, and 7 Miscellaneous features Released on 05/09/2003
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New Features - Build 29
 1. Added new integration with online CRM service salesforce.com! Integration includes retrieving customer information, and creating opportunities and uploading quote attachments!

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 2. In the QuickBooks link, there is now an option to export items that are grouped in a bundle on the quote to a single item in QuickBooks.

 3. When creating a non-inventory or service item in QuickBooks through the QuoteWerks link, and you choose the option "this item is purchased and sold", you can now select Cost of Goods type accounts for the Expense account.

 4. For the QuickBooks link setup, the default expense account for non-inventory and service items can now be set to a cost of goods type of account.

 5. You can now enter a discount cost modifier in the UnitCost field of the quote workbook like D30 which will calculate the unit cost as a 30% discount from the unit list price and place the discounted amount in the unit cost cell. The discount of D30 in this example is not stored anywhere, and if the unit list price is changed later, the unit cost will not automatically change.

 6. When importing comma delimited or tab delimited text files, and a field in the text file contained a carraige return or line feed surrounded in double quote symbols, the record would be rejected as corrupted. Now, it will be imported.

 7. When setting up volume pricing, you no longer have to specify a large number for the stop quantity on the last pricing level, you can leave it blank and enter the price that you want to use for that starting quantity and higher.

 8. New QuoteWerks Backend api introduced. This enables you to get lists of all the login names, access rights, installation path, and more information. It also enables you to validate user login names and passwords, and has a feature to automatically find QuoteWerks, start it and log into it.

 9. Added new DocFunctions api method of SetActiveTab which enables you to change the active tab in the quote workbook.

 10. Added new DocFunctions api method of ExportToDTFFile which enables you to export a document out to a dtf file.

 11. If no field was mapped to the tax code field in a product import and a taxable Y/N field was, the tax code will be set based on the taxable Y/N field data.

 12. Added a new QuoteWerks Web Connector that will run in the Windows tray. This primarily works with the new salesforce.com integration, but can be used by other web applications to pass data from a web application to QuoteWerks starting a new quote and populating it with data from the web page in real-time!

Misc Features - Build 29
 1. When selecting an item or items for use with the required, optional or substitute item features, and the selected part number contained an empty manufacturer part number, it would not be used, and you would not be notified causing confusion.

 2. When entering multiple temporary license keys, any keys that had the same trial period would be mistaken for a duplicate key and would not be accepted. This has been corrected.

 3. If Canadian taxes enabled, when importing products into a product database, when specifying the tax code to map into the ExtraText01 field (This field stores the tax code), the value of "1" will now translate to "B" for both gst and pst and the value of "0" will not translate to "N" for no tax.

 4. When sending an email via Outlook and Outlook was not running, you may receive an error "-2147417851" . This error does not occur on all systems. When this error is detected, you will now receive a message requesting that you start Outlook.

 5. The list of templates in the drop down box on the product import wizard is now sorted.

 6. The option Look For Synchronized data located on the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu now defaults to yes.

 7. Change to internals of sending of Outlook email where now we resolve each email address after adding it to the message instead of resolving all of them at the end

Fixes - Build 29
 1. For ACT! users, when doing a file|save as, or convert to order/invoice, and if no ACT! opportunity was created for the document originally, you would receive an incorrect error message saying that the product could not be found.

 2. When exproting to a dtf file and the Outbox folder was selected, the file new folder would not default to the outbox folder.

 3. In the QuickBooks link setup, the option for Invoice/Estimate number was not being saved.

 4. When setting email signature from the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, the changes were not being saved.

 5. For SalesLogix 5.x remote users, the build 28 changes for SalesLogix 6.0 support caused a problem with detecting the attachment path for version 5.x remote installs .

 6. After installing the build 28 update, when editing a product, the correct tax code would not be displayed.

 7. If you used ContactMgr table for inserting fields from contact managers into a print layout, and if you had selected QuoteWerks as your preferred contact manager, then the value from the field that you inserted would not be printed; You would see "!Error" instead.

 8. When editing a print layout that contained a sort header section, if you inserted a system field like rec_count, the sort header sorting field was incorrectly changed to the system field that was just inserted.

 9. When using QuoteWerks as the source for contacts, the fax extension field was not being retrieved into the quote.

 10. Some mail servers configured very tightly for "spam looking" emails would reject an email sent from QuoteWerks because of the formatting of the message-id of an email sent from QuoteWerks. The message-id format has been modified.

 11. When converting a document to an order or invoice and using GoldMine the linked document would not get completely updated.

 12. When converting a document to an order or an invoice, the create date for the new order or invoice was not getting set to the day the conversion was taking place.

 13. If a grouped bundle or configuration was added to the quote, and the quantity of the group was changed, the sales tax would not re-calculate correctly.

 14. For GoldMine users, when performing certain actions, with some contact records, you could receive an "invalid datastream" message. This was caused by a double quote symbol in the GoldMine record accountno field.