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Version 3.0 Build 19 Summary
6 New, 6 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 10/31/2001
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New Features - Build 19
 1. QuoteWerks can now import XML files that contain quotes/orders/invoices using the File|Import Document menu. The XML file needs to be in a specific format in order for QuoteWerks to be able to import it.

 2. The QuoteWerks Open Export Module can now also export XML formatted quote data in addition to the delimited text file format it originally supported.

 3. On Print Preview window, added File|Send Email|As PDF and As RTF submenus so that you can change the format on the fly instead of always having to use the default format that has been setup.

 4. The Tools|Export Items to Clipboard and the Tools|Export Items to Excel has been improved to allow you to select which columns you want to export, and what order you want the columns to be in.

 5. Max number of line items supported in the quote was increased from 175 to 300.

 6. Support for more macros on cover page/spec sheets/and literature &DH_IntroductionNotes, &DH_ClosingNotes, &DH_InternalNotes, &DH_PurchasingNotes, &DH_ShipToPhone, &DH_ShipToPhoneExt, &DH_ShipToFax, &DH_ShipToEmail, &DH_ShipToTitle

Misc Features - Build 19
 1. The PDF generating engine was modified to only create the PDF engine once and then close it when QuoteWerks is exited versus creating and closing it everytime a PDF file was created. This will improve performance and reliability.

 2. The Open Export module interface has been changed to give you the option to overwrite existing files only if files exist.

 3. Issue with GoldMine 5.7 beta and QuoteWerks forecasting fixed.

Fixes - Build 19
 1. When using ACT, but not selecting an ACT contact, when saving, a message would tell you that you needed to select an ACT contact.

 2. The new CustomMemo1 and CustomMemo2 fields were not available in the product import wizard, or in the print layout designer for the DocumentItems table. Also made these fields available as columns on the product lookup window.

 3. The new ShipTo Title, Phone, Fax, and Email fields were not available in the report designer.

 4. If you edited a print layout, and then edited a report layout and removed all the sort header and footer sections, you could not re-add sort or footer sections.

 5. The LastUpdated Date/Time for the exchange rate that is embedded in the quote and listed next to the Alternate Currency selection box on the Sale Info tab was stored in the database in local format. It is now stored in a universal ISO 8601 format which preserves the correct time and format across different countries in cases were you export a dtf file and send it to another country.

 6. If a Price Modifier was used that included a decimal character like P20.56, the PriceModifier is stored in the database using the local decimal character. This caused a problem when the quote was exported to a dtf file and then opened by a QuoteWerks installation in another country that used a different decimal character. This fix will avoid the problem if it is installed at the receiving end (or ideally at both ends).