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Version 3.0 Build 16 Summary
24 New, 21 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/16/2001
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New Features - Build 16
 1. IMPORTANT. When converting a document to an order or an invoice, the options to preserve the existing document have been removed from the File|Convert to ... menu. They are now a global setup option located under the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. After installing this update, make sure that you set the appropriate action on the Installation tab.

 2. Help file containing How Do I topics and other getting started topics is now available under the Help|Contents and Index menu, and Help|How Do I? menu.

 3. When printing from the Preview window, you can now select a printer other than the default printer embedded in the print layout/ report.

 4. Added an Edit|Paste Special menu that can accept data from the windows clipboard and use it to retrieve products and services from a QuoteWerks product database and add it to the quote. Very useful for integrating with external configuration software such as Hewlett Packard configuration software.

 5. Added a 'Secure' checkbox to the File|Export to Document Transport File menu. This allows users to uncheck the box when sending a dtf file to another company that uses QuoteWerks so that they are able to import the quote. In the past, dtf files could only be shared within a company using QuoteWerks.

 6. Added new Access security rights CannotCreateProductFolders, CannotModifyProductFolders, CannotDeleteProductFolders, CannotCreateManagementReports, CannotDeleteManagementReports, CannotCreateManagementReportLayouts, CannotModifyManagementReportLayouts, CannotDeleteManagementReportLayouts

 7. License Keys can now be registered through the internet using your web browser. This new option is now on the Obtaining the Registration Code tab of the Register License window.

 8. The product database list in the product lookup window can now be widened, and the entire window can be resized.

 9. There is now a new menu Edit|Add Comment.

 10. The Help|QuoteWerks On the Web|Product News menu will display what new features we are working on at any given time.

 11. Added more macros for use in Report Filters which are &SYS_FirstDayOfCurrentMonthForSQL, &SYS_FirstDayOfNextMonthForSQL, &SYS_FirstDayOfLastMonthForSQL. These will eliminate the need for users to have to always change the filter of a report each month to set the new dates.

 12. Added a search facility on the Products|Bundles window and the Products|Configurator window.

 13. When the user emails a sales order, they will be asked to confirm before emailing cost information.

 14. If a document is locked, it can no longer be deleted by users that have delete rights to the document. Only administrators can delete such documents, and users with the right to unlock documents.

 15. Added new commission structure so that the sales rep gets a percent of the profit amount based on the profit margin percent.

 16. You can now delete multiple quotes from the File|Open window. This is usefull for searching for old quotes, and then deleting them.

 17. Advanced users can edit the [System] section of the site.ini to change the default text used for the subtotal, running subtotal, discount %, and charge % line items using the ini keys SubTotalItemText, RunningSubTotalItemText, DiscountItemText, and ChargeItemText respectively. This is useful for internation customers whose language is not english, and for english users that want to use different text phrases for the indicated line item types.

 18. Added GoldMine CallBack default option, In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the following key to modify the default callback date on the Schedule Call back window; CallBackDate={+14} For a callback 14 days from now.

 19. Added GoldMine Forecasted sale default options, In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the following keys to modify the default close date and default alarm date on the Schedule Forecasted sale window; ForecastCloseDate={+14} ; ForecastAlarmDate={+8} which schedule the dates for todays date +14 or +8 respectively.

 20. Added a Number of Columns to Scroll Lock option under the View|Customize columns menu. This determines how many columns stay still while the rest of the columns to the right are scrolled when using the scroll bar.

 21. Added DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepPhone, DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepFax, and DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepEmail fields to the print layout designer. These fields are useful for including this information based on the sales rep specified in the quote versus the logged in user.

 22. When the option to include spec sheets when printing is chosen, if more than one product refers to the same spec sheet, the spec sheet will only be printed once now.

 23. Added support for more macros on the cover pages and literature pages, &DH_ShipToCompany, &DH_ShipToContact, &DH_ShipToAddress1, &DH_ShipToAddress2,&DH_ShipToAddress3, &DH_ShipToCountry, &DH_SoldToEmail, &DH_SoldToTitle

 24. Added new DD/MM/YYYY date format option to the layout designer.

Misc Features - Build 16
 1. There is no longer a 100 row maximum selection in the product lookup grid.

 2. Right clicking on object in report designer now selects the object.

 3. When registration grace period expires, user is now allowed to remove non-primary license keys.

Fixes - Build 16
 1. Choosing the Send by Email option in the File|Export to Document Transport File window would result in the email being corrupted.

 2. There was a problem with the creation of Remote PC License Keys that where created from a Remote Site.

 3. When the decimal separator was a comma, a problem was caused when dtf files where exported and imported to other QuoteWerks installations that did not use the same comma separator character.

 4. Field ExtraLng01 was visible in advanced tab of import wizard.

 5. Qty, and other columns on the DocumentItems tab where left justified instead of right justified.

 6. Cover page notes on cover page had and extra line in between each line of text.

 7. If an email was sent from the preview window, it was not logged in the contact manager history.

 8. In Product Import Wizard and Contact Import Wizard, the data in the last column in a tab delimited text file was not being read.

 9. Edit Selection Container Item window displayed an errant checkbox when used for a bundle.

 10. Peachtree link purchase order issue. If a Peachtree Item was a Non-Stock item, the purchase order import would fail.

 11. Cover page and literature page and spec pages would have extra vertical space between each line.

 12. If certain key fields where not imported into the product database when a product database import was run, and error would occur when using the compare prices feature.

 13. The ToText() function in the layout designer would display a decimal period and no decimal numbers when the number being converted was a whole number.

 14. Fixed an erroneous error message when selecting the Tools|Find Quoted Item.

 15. The Tools|Update Cost in Vendor Db menu was always disabled.

 16. Outlook shared public folders feature was not working.

 17. Peachtree link ship to Address1 was not getting exported. ShipToContact was in it's place.

 18. Subtotal and Running SubTotal type of line items would show the unit of pricing and unit of measure values in the respective fields.

 19. After closing a quote, and then starting a new blank quote with no line items in it, the last quotes total would be displayed on the screen until the quote was modified in any way that initiated a recalculation.

 20. When choosing the option to forecast the profit amount instead of the sale amount in GoldMine, when completing the sale, the sale amount would always be used.

 21. When exporting document to QuickBooks 2000 as an estimate, job would show up, but estimate would not.