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Version 4.0 Build 43.05 Summary
34 New, 22 Fixes, and 10 Miscellaneous features Released on 10/31/2008
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New Features - Build 43
 1. QuickBooks 2009 USA is now supported!

 2. QuickBooks 2009 Canada is now supported!

 3. Added support for Real-time Product Content through OpenICEcat. OpenICEcat is a worldwide open catalogue developed in co-operation with over 150 sponsoring manufacturers for the purposes of providing real-time product content such as detailed product descriptions, pictures, and spec sheets. There is no charge for the OpenICEcat service. The QuoteWerks Real-time module is required to access this information. You can right click on a product and choose the Real-time Content menu to display real-time detailed product descriptions, pictures, and spec sheets for the product. For products in native product databases, you have the option to update the product with this real-time content, and by doing so, the pictures and/or spec sheet files will be downloaded and saved into your QuoteWerks installation for future use. On the Document items tab, you can select the Tools|Real-time Product Content menu to update the descriptions of any selected items already in the quote with Real-time Content.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 4. When attempting to open a document that is already in use by another user, you will now have the option to open the document in Read-Only mode. In a situation where a colleague has the document open, has locked their workstation, and is out of the office, other users can still open it (subject to normal rights restrictions) so they can view it. When a customer calls in and asks for information about their quote, other users need to be able to see it instead of being locked out from it. A document opened in Real-Only mode will have “(Read-Only)" displayed in the title bar of the document.

 5. Added Misc Access right "CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_InternalNotes" and "CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_PurchasingNotes". Useful for restricting a user from modifying those fields on the Notes tab of the WorkBook. These fields could then be updated with information about the quote that other users can see, but not change.

 6. Added Misc Access rights "CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_Description" and "CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_ManufacturerPartNumber". When these rights are set, the user cannot modify these fields on the Document Items tab. This is useful in restricting a user from modifying these values to be anything other than what is defined in the product database. Preventing a user from modifying the Manufacturer Part Number is especially useful in that if it is changed, it no longer matches the entry in the database and/or accounting software. When these rights are set, these columns on the DocumentItems tab will have a grey (disabled) background, and when the user clicks in the cell, the status bar will display "You do not have rights to modify this field. This field is read-only".

 7. The list of Misc Access Rights has been re-ordered in order of categorical groupings and can now be sorted alphabetically.

 8. Added the default option "Don't update Order with real-time ordered price." to the General tab of the Tech Data Online Ordering Options window. Also added the corresponding option "After order submitted, don't update Order with real-time ordered price." to the Tech Data online ordering window, so that this can be changed per order. This option is useful when you receive special discount pricing from Tech Data that Tech Data does not make available through real-time pricing & availability or ordering. When this option is set, the special pricing in the QuoteWerks order that you have manually entered will not be overwritten with the generic pricing that is returned by real-time pricing & availability in the order.

 9. Added Misc Access right "CannotCreateContactRecord". This can be used to prevent a user from creating or cloning contacts in the QuoteWerks contact database.

 10. Added Misc Access right "CannotUseRealtimeLicense". Useful for preventing users from using real-time features and thereby reserving a Real-time module license.

 11. Added "Use comma (not space) to delineate part number from quantity in Quick Lookup Bar." option to the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. This is useful when your part numbers contain spaces.

 12. When searching for contacts under the Contacts|Lookup menu, the ability to sort columns in the results grid by clicking on the column header is now also supported for ACT!, MS CRM, Outlook, Peachtree, QuickBooks, SalesLogix, and salesforce.com users.

 13. Added a View/Modify button for the Spec Sheet field on the Advanced tab of the Edit Product window.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 14. Added View/Modify and Refresh buttons for the Picture File field on the Picture tab of the Edit Product window.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 15. For API users, added new Database backend object. With this developers can read from and write to any QuoteWerks database, except the product databases. This is useful for performing database related activities like importing and exporting records, running queries to find particular data, etc. For security purposes a Developer Access Key system was implemented so that the QuoteWerks administrator will have control over what applications will have this access to the QuoteWerks databases. This security is administered under the Security tab of the Tools|Options menu.

 16. For API users, added new DocFunctions.DocumentSave method. This method can be used to save a new document, or save changes to an existing document. It does not however perform any CRM related integrations.

 17. For API users, added the Installation.UniqueID property. This is the counterpart to the Application.GetMacro method. The Application.GetMacro("&SYS_InstallUniqueID") will return a unique ID that indentifies this QuoteWerks installation. Then, with this, the developer loop through all the installations (using the backend dll object) to find the installation with the matching unique id.

 18. For API users, added new Application.DoAction method. This .DoAction method enables developers to initiate menu selections. Currently supported are "CallMenuFileSave", and "CallMenuToolsOptions".

 19. Added macro &SYS_InstallUniqueID.

 20. Updated QuoteWerks on October 16th, 2008 to support another new real-time URL that Ingram Micro has implemented for USA and Canada.

 21. Retrieving product data from salesforce.com product data source is now faster when only linking to one salesforce.com Price Book.

 22. For API users, in the FindAndCopyProductsIntoMLIBuffer method, the "Begins with" operator is now suported for QuickBooks, Peachtree, and salesforce.com Data sources.

 23. When cloning a product using the Product Lookup window right click menu, there is now a Clone Product window where you can choose to optionally clone this item's Required, Optional, and Substitute items. [Service Release: 43.03]

 24. The Project No field was added to the Sale Info tab of the Quote WorkBook. [Service Release: 43.03]

 25. On Documents tab of Tools|Options menu you can now set a default value for the Cust PO# (SoldToPONumber). [Service Release: 43.03]

 26. Increased the vertical size of the Bundles and Configurations windows by 30%. [Service Release: 43.03]

 27. When first running QuoteWerks, when the country is selected in the setup wizard, the default language for the Real-time Product Content will be set based on the Country selection. [Service Release: 43.03]

 28. On the Product Lookup window right click menu, the Show Item Requirements, Show Item Options, and Show Substitutions menu items will now be disabled if there are no items for each type respectively. [Service Release: 43.03]

 29. Added Misc Access rights CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_VendorPartNumber, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText01, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText02, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText03, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText04, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText05, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText06, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText07, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText08, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText09, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText10, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText11, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText12, CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText13, and CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_CustomText14. [Service Release: 43.05]

 30. When running management reports, you can now insert the fields Application->ReportFileName, Application->ReportName, and Application->ReportDescription into layouts used in reports. This is useful when a report layout is used with multiple reports. For example you might have several reports like Today's Quotes, This Week's Quotes, and Last Month's Quotes. The layout format for all of them will most likely be the same. If you wanted the layout to print the text "Last Month's Quotes" you would have to manually insert a label with that text and would have to create a different layout for each report just to have that unique label. By inserting the new Application->ReportName field into the same layout shared by these reports, whichever report is printed will display the respective report name like "Last Month's Quotes". [Service Release: 43.05]

 31. Added new &APP_CompanyMessage1 and &APP_CompanyMessage2 macros. The values for these macros can be set on the Company tab of the Tools|Options menu. These are useful for storing, for example, a daily special and/or the monthly special. What is so powerful about this feature is that these macros can be inserted into cover pages, print layouts, email signatures, etc. When you change the Company Message value, it automatically changes everywhere it is used, so you do not have to manually update your cover pages, print layouts, and email signatures with the daily special - EVERYDAY! Alternatively, you could store something like "Serving the Chicago land area for over 15 years." and when you’ve reached year 16, you will just need to make the change in one place. [Service Release: 43.05]

 32. Macros are now supported in Document Names for templates. For example, if you save a document as a template and give the template a name like "Standard System - &DH_SoldToCompany &SYS_TodaysDate", then when you use the template by selecting this template from the File|New menu, and then save the resulting document, those macro values will be replaced with the actual values. [Service Release: 43.05]

 33. Added support to increase the maximum number of open documents allowed at the same time. The default maximum number is 5. Editing the SITE.INI file and adding the INI key MaxNumOpenDocs under the [System] section you can set this maximum number to a value between 1 and 10. We recommend that you use this setting with caution as the use of this setting may cause you to run into memory issues depending upon your machine and usage (size of each document). If you run into issues, we recommend you reduce the MaxNumOpenDocs . [Service Release: 43.05]

 34. On the Utilities|User Maintenance window, pressing the DEL key will now initiate the delete for Users or Groups. [Service Release: 43.05]

Misc Features - Build 43
 1. When creating a new Product Data Source under the Products|Setup Product Data Sources menu and clicking the [New] button, and choosing "Ingram Micro", text will appear that will let you know that the Ingram Micro EPG database has been discontinued.

 2. The Access Denied message box has been re-designed to show the user a friendlier message while allowing for a details drilldown to specifically see what right is being denied.

 3. Increased width of Document Status and Sales Rep drop down boxes on the Open Document window to match the widths of these fields on the Sale Info tab.

 4. When creating or updating an MSCRM opportunity, a warning message is displayed if no rating was selected.

 5. The Tech Data Online Ordering form was re-styled.

 6. The default Document Items Background Color now defaults to "Light Color"

 7. All extended and calculated fields in document items tabs are now locked and a message displays in the status bar indicating that these fields are automatically calculated.

 8. If the Access Right "CannotManuallyModifyUnitCostInDocument" or "CannotManuallyModifyUnitPriceInDocument" is set, these columns will now be displayed with a grey (disabled) background.

 9. Added a menu separator bar above the "Show Item &Requirements..." menu item in the Product Lookup window right click menu. This makes it easier to find the Show Item Requirements, Show Item Options, and Show Substitutions menu items. [Service Release: 43.03]

 10. When installing a QuoteWerks build update, and mistakenly choosing a folder that did not contain an existing QuoteWerks installation, a misleading message of "Update Key NOT recognized ... Reason Code: DOCSNOTEXIST" would be displayed. Now a message of "QuoteWerks docs.mdb database was not found!" will be displayed. [Service Release: 43.05]

Fixes - Build 43
 1. If no documents were open, the File|Exit menu had no effect.

 2. When creating a salesforce.com opportunity for a salesforce.com contact that had no existing opportunities associated with it you would not be able to create a new opportunity in salesforce.com. Introduced in Build 39.07.

 3. When calling the API method DocFunctions.DocumentClose, QuoteWerks was not releasing the in-use flag for the document.

 4. When creating a salesforce.com opportunity, if you are integrating with salesforce.com professional edition, and have not purchased the salesforce.com optional feature set that includes Price Book support, would receive error "Fault Code (1111). type opportunityLineItems is not supported". Similiary would receive error "Fault Code (1111). type pricebook is not supported" when attempting to link to a salesforce.com Price Book as a Product Data Source.

 5. In some cases the mousepointer icon would remain the hourglass icon after the activity had finished.

 6. The default value for new documents for the CustomText06 field specified on the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu can now be multi-line.

 7. When in demo mode, and attempting to export to QuickBooks, Peachtree, Open Export Module, or Place an Online Order, would receive a message stating that there were more than 8 documents in the database when there was actually exactly 8.

 8. When entering data into the CustomText11 through CustomText14 cells on the Document Items tab, the data would not be saved.

 9. When rolling out the Synnex database using the synchronization features would receive an error that "the file ...\QuoteWerks\sys_synnex.mdb\sys_synnex.mdb cannot be found".

 10. When printing/previewing/emailing a document, for any items that had a spec sheet associated with it, if the Spec Sheet file specified in the product definition was no longer valid, a message will now be displayed letting you know that the spec sheet could not be found.

 11. When selecting a spec sheet or picture file from the Edit Product window, the selection dialog would not default to the path of the file if the file did not have a fully qualified path. This issue was introduced in Build 36.

 12. When editing a print or report layout, if the report was opened, and only a section was deleted that contained no fields, then when existing, the changes would not be saved.

 13. In the Configurator, when the last selection was a navigational branch, clicking the [Back] button would not remove the branch selection.

 14. In the Configurator, when clicking on the [Back] button, the menu button options for insert and append would appear on the [Cancel] button.

 15. F2 Lookup item list displayed when zooming in on the DocumentItems columns Description, CustomMemo01, and CustomMemo02 was different than the F2 Lookup from within the grid cell itself. This issue was introduced in Build 39.x.

 16. Removed &DI_ID and &DI_DocID from list of fields available for use with custom menu item commands.

 17. Removed DocumentItems->DocID as an available field to be inserted into a print layout. Would receive error "Error in ReturnDocumentItemsFieldArrayIndex(). The field name 'DocID' does not have a counterpart in the StrMatrix or NumMatrix."

 18. When calling the Application.GetMacro() method in the QuoteWerks API, the macro data was not always current.

 19. For API users, when using the ItemFunctions.LineItemSetValue to set values for AlternateUnitCost, AlternateUnitPrice, or AlternateUnitList, the alternate currency override flag was not getting set, so these manually specified values would be ignored. [Service Release: 43.03]

 20. When append pasting products into a Product Data Source, duplicate manufacturer part number checking was not being performed. [Service Release: 43.03]

 21. In some cases users could modify data in locked fields. (Security Fix # 4002) [Service Release: 43.03]

 22. When cloning a user, the Group Membership was not getting cloned unless the Group Membership was modified before clicking on the OK [button] to complete the cloning. This issue was introduced in Build 37. [Service Release: 43.05]