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Version 3.0 Build 37 Summary
0 New, 2 Fixes, and 1 Miscellaneous features Released on 03/25/2004
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Misc Features - Build 37
 1. For the Peachtree link, if a product description contained a double quote, Peachtree would incorrectly import it as two double quotes. This is a problem with Peachtree not conforming to industry standards when importing comma delimited text files. We have created a workaround to accomodate this issue in Peachtree. Also due to a Peachtree issue, we now remove comma symbols from descriptions because this is also a problem with Peachtree.

Fixes - Build 37
 1. When importing a comma delimited product or contact text file, if the data contained a single quote symbol that was paired with another quote symbol by the program that created the file (this is the industry standard), QuoteWerks would give an error about unpaired quote symbol.

 2. For Canadian users, when using the Alternate currency features, when the alternate currency PST tax field was displayed on the screen, or in reports, it would incorrectly display 0.