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Version 3.0 Build 35 Summary
8 New, 20 Fixes, and 6 Miscellaneous features Released on 02/13/2004
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New Features - Build 35
 1. In the layout designer, you can now select an object like a field or a label, and then use the cursor keys to move this object a pixel at a time. In fine tuning situations, this is much easier than trying to drag it. Also, you can use the right and down cursor keys while holding down the SHIFT key to resize the object width or height respectively.

 2. When exporting invoices/estimates to QuickBooks, the process now displays a status window to show the progress of the process.

 3. You can now double-click on a dtf file located anywhere (as opposed to the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder), and it will be imported and/or synchronized with the data in the database. A useful situation is if a co-worker emails you an attached dtf file, you can now double-click on this attached dtf file and it will be imported/synchronized into your local database.

 4. Expanded the PO auto numbering system to go from A-BZ. Before it was A-AZ.

 5. Certified for use with GoldMine 6.5.

 6. Added support for LocalTaxRate, Terms, and SoldToPriceProfile fields in the QuoteWerks web connector for receiving such information from salesforce.com.

 7. Certified for use with Outlook 2003.

 8. Added support for field "MISCLINKID" in the DocFunctions.Get/Set DocumentHeaderValue API method.

Misc Features - Build 35
 1. When selecting a part number to include in a bundle that had an apostrophe symbol in the manufacturerpartnumber field, error occurred. Apostrophe characters are NOT supported in QuoteWerks for the ManufacturerPartNumber field, however, an error will no longer occur here.

 2. Workaround fix for Windows XP bug. Windows XP reports that an in use file has been deleted (although it has not). This causes problems with the QuoteWerks logged in user information including how remote laptop licenses are used when a laptop attempts to use the network installation of QuoteWerks.

 3. For salesforce.com users, if QuoteWerks created an opportunity in salesforce.com and the user manually deleted the opportunity from salesforce.com, QuoteWerks will now detect this and recreate the opportunity.

 4. For ACT 4.0 users, when converting to order and performing various tasks that requires QuoteWerks to lookup data in ACT and change it, now a message will be displayed when this functionality is not supported in ACT 4.0. Previously, the feature would not work and no message would be displayed. Solution is to upgrade to higher version of ACT!.

 5. On the Groups tab of the User Maintenance window, when you click on the [Delete] button, a confirmation request was not displayed.

 6. On the save window, QuoteWerks now checks to make sure that the document name is not empty. This causes problem with salesforce.com integration.

Fixes - Build 35
 1. In Medic Utility, using the Create product folders feature, if certain "invalid" data was in the folders used for creating main folders and sub folders, then would receive error 3021.

 2. When on the send email window, and clicking on the TO button and adding a new email address to the list, if the email address had the number "1" in it, the email address would be truncated at that position.

 3. For salesforce.com users, when clicking on the "View Attachment" link inside Internet Explorer and causing QuoteWerks to open and synchronize that quote into the local quote database, no synchornization would occur if the quote already existed in the local quote database.

 4. When selecting the "Delete DTF file(s) associated with each document." in the Document Purge Wizard, the files would not be deleted.

 5. The &FolderName macro name was getting truncated to 30 characters.

 6. When using the command line options to log into QuoteWerks, if the login name supplied did not match the same casing (like "john" versus "John") as the login name under the Utilities|User Maintenance menus, the different casing would not be recognized by the security features in QuoteWerks.

 7. For salesforce.com users, if the option to "Look for synchronized data" was not checked, when the user clicked on the document attachment link in salesforce.com, QuoteWerks would report that it could not find the quote number in the database. Internet Explorer is changing the file name from (for example) AAAQ1001.DTF to AAAQ1001[1].DTF. This was causing QuoteWerks to not be able to locate this document number.

 8. When a license key registration request was submitted online, any "\" characters would be replaced incorrectly with a "t" character.

 9. If there were more than 26 vendors on a quote and multiple purchase orders were generated, the purchase order numbering after the letters A-Z would appear as symbols. Now for vendors 27-52 the letter numbering will be AA, AB, AC, etc.

 10. For SalesLogix 6.0 and 6.1 users, the document path for a SalesLogix remote user logged into a SalesLogix remote database is now hard coded to "C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\SalesLogix\Documents" regardless of the location of the SalesLogix installation.

 11. Error "run-time error 713 class not registered" experienced (when running the document purge wizard) in rare situations where a file msstdfmt.dll was not installed on the computer.

 12. When Web Connector was running on Windows 98/95 machines, and the installation was run to update the Web Connector, as a result when restarting the computer, you would receive a message that QWWebConnector.exe could not be found.

 13. When the File|Duplicate menu was used on a document that has been linked with a salesforce.com contact and an attachment and opportunity has been created/linked to this document, after the duplicate, the original attachment and opportunity would be updated instead of new ones being created for this duplicate document.

 14. If an error 0:31 was encountered in SalesLogix version greater than 6.0 like 6.1, the solution to fix the error was incorrectly diplayed.

 15. For GoldMine 6.0 users, would receive error "There was an error retrieving GoldMine opportunity/project record name" when choosing to create a forecasted sale for the quote. This would happen when the GoldMine 6.0 contact record contained closed opportunities.

 16. If a management report was run and there were no matching records, and then you closed the report and tried to run another, you would receive an error saying that the report designer was already open.

 17. Automated products import from the command line would freeze.

 18. When changing the sales tax rate, the sales tax column display on the Document Items tab would not be refreshed with the newly calculated sales tax (although the calculation was correct, it just did not update on the display).

 19. In the Medic utility, the Create Product Database Folders feature would always use CustomText01 and CustomText02 instead of obeying the user's selections.

 20. The QuoteWerks backend dll file qw30.dll was not getting registered by the node installation.