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Version 3.0 Build 32 Summary
23 New, 20 Fixes, and 4 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/20/2003
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New Features - Build 32
 1. Added support for SalesLogix 6.1.

 2. Configuration Selection Containers can now be cloned with a new right-click menu.

 3. Searching the description field on the Product Lookup window when searching the Ingram Micro offline price guide database will now also search in the extended description field of the Ingram database.

 4. Added a new option "Print on Page break" to the detail section of a layout/report. When checked, this detail section will print at the bottom of the page immediately after the last detail section that printed on that page. This is useful for "capping" the bottom of each page with for example some lines that close out the bottom of a grid (if your layout design has vertical and horizontal lines).

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 5. Added a "report footer" summarization type for numeric fields in the report designer. Useful for total multiple levels of sort and footer breaks.

 6. Added a new "Sort Descending" option to the sort header sections used in reports to sort data in descending order.

 7. You can now export line items to QuickBooks that use the UnitOfPricingFactor feature. The unit price when exported to QuickBooks will be multiplied by the unit of pricing factor.

 8. Added new GetChar() function for the layout designer. This function enables you to create a formula that returns 1 character of a text field at a specified position.

 9. Medic utility Data manager now supports advanced data queries in addition to simple queries for both the product databases and the document database. The feature is only available to users with master rights (for data security reasons). This feature can be used to update the databases in a batch mode with data changes such as pricing, and other global changes.

 10. Added a DocDueDate column to the File|Open grid. Also, added sort options for the fields "GrandTotal", "TemplateType", and "MergeCode".

 11. When starting a new document from a salesforce.com web integration link, and the maximum number of open documents (5) has been reached, you will receive a message to that effect instead of a ".DocumentNew failed" error.

 12. A QuoteWerks On the Web|Knowledgebase menu has been added to gain access to the new web based QuoteWerks knowledgebase from within QuoteWerks.

 13. Added CannotManuallyAddItemsInConfigurator misc access right that can prevent a user from using the [Find Other] button in the configurator to select a product not in the configuration.

 14. Added new API ItemFunctions.FindAndCopyProductsIntoMLIBuffer method to search for partial matches of vendor and manufacturer part numbers in a product database and store the matches in the MLI Buffer.

 15. Added new API ItemFunctions.SLIBufferCopyFromMLIBuffer method to copy a single buffer record from a multi-line buffer.

 16. Added a /port: command line switch to the Web Connector. This enables you to specify a communication port other than the default port 1001.

 17. The about screen of the web connector now displays the detected QuoteWerks path and displays the port number that the web connector is listening on.

 18. In the QuickBooks link setup, you can now select Other Charge type items for use as a shipping item on the Defaults tab of the QuickBooks link setup. Also when QuoteWerks creates a new item for you in QuickBooks to use for shipping charges, the item that it creates will now be of QuickBooks Other Charge type rather than non-inventory type.

 19. The file details preview on the File|Import Document window now includes whether or not the dtf file is serialized.

 20. If an unexpected error occurs in the main QuoteWerks startup module, this type of error will now be trapped, and you will be given the option to save any open quotes.

 21. When the quantity box on the add item assistant receives focus, the quantity is automatically selected, making it easy to replace the quantity value by typing.

 22. When QuoteWerks is shutting down and saving settings it now displays a status message during this process.

 23. Management reports that reported on the DocumentItems table would return line items that were flagged as excluded. It no longer will include these line items.

Misc Features - Build 32
 1. When QuoteWerks is exiting, a status window is now displayed until QuoteWerks is finished exiting.

 2. The temporary QuoteWerks client ID used to access the Professional edition of salesforce.com has now been replaced with the official QuoteWerks client ID.

 3. When manually converting line items into a group on the quote, the "hide price" attribute is now set.

 4. When using the KnowTia integration, if there is a problem communicating with KnowTia, more information is now returned.

Fixes - Build 32
 1. When importing tab delimited text files, and a field in the text file contained a single double quote symbol, the end of line (carraige return/line feed) would be ignored until another double quote symbol was detected. This would most likely result in an overflow error as thousands of records could be perceived as a single record.

 2. Error "QuoteWerks was unable to make the selected contact record the currently displayed contact record in GoldMine. This will affect Data Link features." caused due to a double quote symbol in the contact record account number. This has been corrected.

 3. For salesforce.com users, the June 23rd, 2003 release of salesforce.com S3 changed the way that the salesforce.com web integration links works. Data was not passed and data that had spaces in it would contain plus symbols (+) as a placeholder. This required changes in the QuoteWerks web connector.

 4. For ACT! or GoldMine users, when saving a quote without selecting an ACT!/GoldMine contact, sometimes would receive an incorrect error stating that you have to select an ACT!/GoldMine contact to perform the selected activities.

 5. In the Product Lookup window, when selecting a blank sort by field, instead of listing the records in the order they were imported in, they would be sorted by Manufacturer Part Number.

 6. Error 3021 No current record, when creating a new product in the QuoteWerks native product database. Reproduced by clicking on the Pricing tab and selecting the "Base Pricing on Customer/Product Profile when there were no products displayed in the product lookup window.

 7. When exporting to QuickBooks, QuoteWerks was not correctly parsing the address line containing city, state and zip correctly into QuickBooks.

 8. Tech Data real-time pricing and availability, for some part numbers, an empty cost and/or N/A msrp would be returned an QuoteWerks would accept them as 0.00. Now, QuoteWerks will tell you that there is no pricing and availability available for these parts.

 9. In the report designer, the Rename submenu located under the Reports| Dialog Fields menu was incorrectly located there. It has been moved to be a submenu of the Reports|Conditional Fonts menu.

 10. When selecting the Edit|Apply Price modifier menu, if a line item was selected that had a price modifier of C, an error message would be displayed.

 11. For some machines, during the installation would receive a message The application or dll c:\windows\system32\ole2.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."

 12. The total page count was not working in product and document management reports.

 13. When using the SYS->Page system field in a formula field in a footer section, the value would not be correct for the last page.

 14. Existing data for Canadian customers was not updated with new tax codes when builds higher than 27 were installed.

 15. If there were 3 line items on the quote, and you selected the first two, and selected the Edit|Convert to Group option, an extra line would be added.

 16. Incorrect error in the Web connector log of "Unrecognized source of 'salesforce.com' detected."

 17. The unit price text box on the Add Item assistant was always formatting to two decimals instead of following the number of decimals selected on the Tools|Options menu.

 18. When select a % discount type of line item, and then selecting the Edit|Item Properties menu, setting the tax code to Taxable would not be accepted.

 19. Sometimes, the last selected option to create a GoldMine forcasted sale or completed sale would not be remembered.

 20. When selecting the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, and editing another user's preferences, and then modifying their Document Items column view, the changes would be saved, however, if you went to edit it again, it would display the currently logged in user's column customizations, not the customizations for the selected user.