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Version 3.0 Build 30 Summary
1 New, 7 Fixes, and 0 Miscellaneous features Released on 05/28/2003
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New Features - Build 30
 1. Added BeforeShippingSelection and AfterShippingSelection Events to the QuoteWerks API.

Fixes - Build 30
 1. Newer updated passwords were not being accepted by the setup program.

 2. Encrypted user data saved to {username}.ini files like contact manager password, tech data realtime password, smtp login password, dialup password, etc. would sometimes become corrupted resulting in incorrect password information being used resulting in an unsuccesful login.

 3. If using ACT 4.0 or lower, when selecting the option to create an attachment when saving the quote, the attachment would not be created.

 4. When editing a product definition and using formula based pricing method, and enter a fractional percent like .25%, it would be incorrectly changed to 25%.

 5. When creating a new contact record using the QuoteWerks contact database, the customer profile dropdown list would not be populated with data.

 6. Rare Error 713 when selecting company or contact drop down list on File|open window.

 7. Debug Message box displayed when using Web connector and using a hyperlink from a web app for new quote/order/invoice.