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Version 3.0 Build 24 Summary
62 New, 24 Fixes, and 13 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/01/2002
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New Features - Build 24
 1. IMPORTANT: To accomodate the new multiple line item cut/copy/paste features, the Build 24 update has changed the QuoteWerks API and will require existing applications using the API to be recompiled.

 2. You can now cut, copy , paste, and move multiple line items at the same time. Particularly useful for moving grouped bundles and grouped configurations. This is a huge time saver.

 3. You can now select multiple products from the Product Lookup window to add to the quote all at once.

 4. When setting up bundles, configurations, required items, optional items, substitute items, etc, you can now select multiple products to add at the same time.

 5. When associating products with folders, you can now select multiple products to associate with a folder all at once.

 6. The Compare Prices between Vendors worksheet is more powerful now. If you select items on an existing document for comparison, and then change the preferred vendor and pricing on the comparison worksheet, you can now click on an icon to update the document with those changes. It makes it really easy to switch on-the-fly the vendor that you will be buying the product from.

 7. When copying and paste appending products in the product database, the advanced pricing information such as volume pricing, and customer based price levels is now also copied.

 8. Added Clone menu option to the product lookup popup menu that can be used to clone a product and copy ALL the data about the product into the cloned copy.

 9. The Add Item Assistant window now automatically lists all optional items for the selected item, and allows you to easily select the options for inclusion in the quote.

 10. The File|Open window has been redesigned to be more intuitive and useful.

 11. On the File|Open window, you can now do a search, open a quote from the list of results, and then go back to the File | Open window, and select a different quote from the same list of results to open without having to re-do your search query.

 12. The File|Open window grid now remembers your column customizations for each user.

 13. The File|Open window grid can now be sorted by project #.

 14. Shortcut keys assigned to cut/copy/paste of CTRL-X, CTRL-C, CTRL-V now will be applied to the line items making the manipulation of line items something that can also be completely done with keyboard strokes.

 15. Shortcut keys of CTRL-E now assigned to Edit|Insert Paste menu. Shortcut keys of CTRL-A now assigned to Edit|Select All menu. Shortcut keys of CTRL-N now assigned to File|New menu.

 16. When selecting a product from the product database, and the Add Item Assistant is enabled, and you choose to insert the selected product at the currently selected line item in the quote, if that item has any required items, these required items will now be positioned immediately underneath the item instead of defaulting to the end of the document.

 17. When selecting the File|Save As menu from the preview window, when previewing a document (versus a management report), the default file name will be set to the Document Number.

 18. DocumentHeaders->ShipToCMAccountNo field is now available in layout designer.

 19. When copying a line item, and then adding a new blank line, the contents of the clipboard is no longer cleared.

 20. The file list on the File|Import menu is now sorted.

 21. For ease of use, there is now a close and select button on the bottom of the product lookup window.

 22. On the Destination tab of the import wizard, there is now an add all and remove all button for the fields to update list.

 23. The send email window now supports Blind Carbon Copies (Bcc).

 24. Added &DH_DocDueDate, &DH_&FirstName, &DH_&LastName macros for the cover page and literature pages.

 25. Added &SYS_YesterdaysDateForSQL, &SYS_30DaysAgoForSQL, &SYS_60DaysAgoForSQL, &SYS_90DaysAgoForSQL macros for the report filters.

 26. Added the Item Type column to the Product Lookup window grid.

 27. The main QuoteWerks window will now remember it's last size and position each time it is started.

 28. When adding a new filter item field in the report designer, if the field is a date field, QuoteWerks will verify that it is a valid date, and will display a button so that you can choose a date from a calendar.

 29. If the File|Delete menu was hidden through the security settings, the Delete button on the File|Open window will now be disabled.

 30. The Help|QuoteWerks on the Web|Check for Updates menu now launches our new QuoteWerks Update Center page on our website. It also passes your current version and build number so that the web page can display what updates you do not have instead of showing you all the updates that exist.

 31. Added Unit of Measure and Unit of pricing columns to the product lookup window.

 32. Added new Edit|Convert to Group menu which allows you to create Grouped bundles "on-the-fly" instead of always having to pre-define them. Grouped bundles "roll-up" individual item prices into a master item single-line.

 33. The Edit|Item Properties menu now displays a property window for group header type of line items.

 34. Added a [Remove Link] button to the External distributor database tabs under the Products|Setup Product Databases menu. This will allow you to disconnect from a previously setup distributor offline price guide database.

 35. You can now sort your list of product databases by clicking on the Name column header on the QuoteWerks tab of the Products|Setup Product Databases menu.

 36. Native vendor product databases versus external product databases can now have the names Ingram Micro, Merisel, or Tech Data, but only if the PC industry edition link to those databases is not enabled.

 37. The File|Open window now remembers the last search type you used and defaults to it.

 38. On the Edit Pricing Levels window (displayed when setting prices on the edit product window), there is now a button to setup the Price Level associations. This feature is still available also under the original location of the Utilities|Price Level Maintenance menu.

 39. The Document Items tab was always displayed by default when you created a new quote, or opended an existing quote. Now, under the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu there is a new option to specify which tab you would like to be displayed by default.

 40. Now the company name or contact name (if there is no company name) that the quote is for is displayed in the title bar in addition to the quote name, and quote number.

 41. The File|Open window now has an Outlook style vertical bar for selecting search types.

 42. When in demo mode, if the demo version is more than 4 months old, QuoteWerks will notify user and launch the QuoteWerks Update Center on the QuoteWerks website.

 43. The Real-time pricing request status bar now has a Cancel button.

 44. On the product lookup window, when selecting the Manufacturer field as the sort by field, now, the sort will be a two level sort, first by Manufacturer, and then by ManufacturerPartNumber.

 45. The Points price modifier now supports negative below cost points such as -20 points expressed as P-20. The points range supported is now -99 to +99.

 46. For TeleMagic users, you can now map the QuoteWerks contact information fields to any fields in the TeleMagic contact1 and contact2 databases. There is now a [Map TeleMagic Fields] button on the TeleMagic frame of the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu.

 47. Added new misc access right of CannotManuallyModifyUnitPriceInDocument. This will prevent the user from modifying the price column amount. However, the user can still change the price modifier if visible on the document items tab or the add item assistant, or the adjust price dialog.

 48. Added new misc access rights of CannotSeeSelTotalsExtCost, CannotSeeSelTotalsProfitAmount, CannotSeeSelTotalsProfitPercent, CannotSeeSelTotalsCommissionAmount

 49. Management report filter items now support the dialog fields. Instead of hard-coding a value like a date range in the filter, you can now setup the filter item so that when the report is run, QuoteWerks will prompt you and ask you to enter a date to use in the filter. You can also setup the dialog to enable you to choose from a list of options, and you can also choose to use one of the QuoteWerks macro fields from a list. BIG time saver!

 50. For TeleMagic users, added more field mappings for phoneext, faxext, and country. Also not all fields need to be mapped now.

 51. The F2 Lookup window when launched from the Send Email window for the TO, CC, and BCC fields, it will allow you to multiple select entries, and it will separate the values with commas.

 52. On price comparison worksheet, there is now a right click menu option for Add Item to Document. This is useful when you launch the comparison worksheet from the quote, and want to change the vendor for an item, and then add a new line item to the quote using this selected vendor.

 53. Medic Utility. New Contact Manager|GoldMine menu to create task bar items in GoldMine 5.7 that will launch QuoteWerks, start with as new quote, order invoice, retrieve current contact information, etc. This is aimed at making it easier to configure the GoldMine taskbar to automate actions in QuoteWerks using the QuoteWerks command line options.

 54. Medic Utility. Added new Data Manager feature under the Utilities|Data Manager menu. This feature enables you to perform batch changes for certain fields to all the records in a selected product database.

 55. When selecting the Tools|Refresh with Best Price menu for an item that is from a vendor that supports real-time pricing (currently only Tech Data), then on the Refresh window, there is an option to also display the availability.

 56. When selecting one or more Tech Data part number(s) from the product lookup results, and selecting the Real-time Pricing and Availability menu option, you can now choose to update the offline database with the real-time pricing just obtained.

 57. Added support for ACT! 6.0 beta.

 58. You can now use a bundle defined as a group bundle inside a grouped configuration. Doing so however will cause the grouped bundle to be used as a simple bundle inside the grouped configuration.

 59. Real-time Web Pricing and Availability is now available for Tech Data as an optional add-on module!

 60. When creating a new native product database, the interface for entering the new vendor name and product database file name is much more forgiving and easier to use.

 61. Medic Utility. New Contact Manager|ACT! menu to create toolbar buttons in ACT! 2000, 5.0, and 6.0 that launch QuoteWerks, start with as new quote, order, or invoice. This is aimed at making it easier to configure the ACT! toolbar to automate actions in QuoteWerks using the QuoteWerks command line options.

 62. On the File|Import Document window, there is now a find option making it easier to find a file in a long list of files.

Misc Features - Build 24
 1. If there is more than one vendor database with the same name, QuoteWerks will disable these database.

 2. Increased the max number of GoldMine secondary contacts displayed through the Contacts|Lookup Contact menu to 150 (up from 30).

 3. The Product Lookup folders right click menu option for "Paste Link Item" now checks for situations where it should not be available, and disables it.

 4. When entering a License Key that has been previously entered and removed, a message will be displayed indicating this.

 5. When QuoteWerks attempts to log into SalesLogix, and error 0:31 is reported, QuoteWerks now displays the steps required to fix this BDE setup issue.

 6. The Add Item Assistant is now enabled by default for each user.

 7. Change to email date internals to account for unexpected conditions.

 8. On product lookup window, for databases with lots of folders, improved folder loading performance by 75% in most cases.

 9. When you enter an incorrect login password, the password is now automatically highlighted for easy type over.

 10. For QuickBooks link, added version 2002 option to the list of QuickBooks versions. Mostly cosmetic, since you can select version 2001 for use with QuickBooks 2002.

 11. When next available number sequence is increased and saved, added more error checking.

 12. When editing a report layout file and then selecting File|Save As, the new layout file will now be refreshed and appear in the list of report layouts to choose from.

 13. When renaming the column titles on the Document Items tab, the rename window now allows for two line column titles.

Fixes - Build 24
 1. When you clicked on the [New] button to create a new product record, and there was a record in the results grid that was selected, and you changed the pricing method to volume based, customer price level based, formula based, or customer/product profile based, the record that was selected was changed instead of the new record.

 2. When click on the [New] button to create a new product record, and there were no records in the results grid, an error would occur.

 3. When selecting File|Exit or closing the main window, and quotes were open and had changes, you would be prompted to save the quotes, and after the quotes were saved, QuoteWerks would not exit.

 4. When selecting File|Duplicate and selecting to copy the project number into the duplicated document, it was not being copied.

 5. When selecting the Tools|Export to DTF, Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Open Export module, and the quote need to be saved first, after it was saved, the Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Open Export module window did not display.

 6. When select a product from the Product Lookup window and right clicking to copy and then right click to select the Paste Append menu, if the CustomDate fields were empty an error message would be displayed.

 7. When there were product profiles listings and you selected the Custom/Product profile based pricing method for a product, an error would occur.

 8. Small redraw problem with the popup menu when right clicking over the product lookup results.

 9. The description for items in the items list of bundle items, and configuration items would incorrectly say "Part # not found" if the description field was blank.

 10. When importing xml file would sometimes receive an error that the date/time was not iso8601 formatted.

 11. The new F2 lookup window list that displays a tool tip of longer data did not respond to keypresses used to seek to a list item using the beginning letter. It now responds.

 12. Accounted for Spanish version of ACT! having different spelling of contact field causing error when trying to retrieve contact information.

 13. If product lookup window was maximized when QuoteWerks was exited, you would receive the message "Product Lookup Window memorized Height was outside of viewable area...".

 14. If you selected the My Documents option on the File|Open window, and you had entered data into the Quick Lookup tab, you would not get correct results.

 15. When entering the file name for a native product database that you are about to create, if the file name contained a space, you would receive an error saying that the file name was invalid.

 16. If a folder selection dialog was displayed, and a cdrom drive was selected, and the cdrom drive did not have a cdrom in it, an error would occur.

 17. If a completely empty text file is selected in the import wizard, and error would occur.

 18. When using CTRL-D or Edit|Delete Line to delete a line, and no line was selected, a random line would be deleted.

 19. Cloning a bundle that does not have any items in the bundle caused an error.

 20. If TeleMagic standard contact address fields do not exist, QuoteWerks will trap error and notify user.

 21. When selecting the Edit|Select All menu, the number of selected items displayed in the status bar was not updated.

 22. Medic Utility. The close button on the Database Maintenance window did not close the window.

 23. Medic Utility. When checking for logged in users, some users would appear not to be logged in when they actually were.

 24. When duplicating a document, the new document Created Date was not displayed on the notes tab, although it had been changed to the date/time of the duplication.