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Version 3.0 Build 22 Summary
45 New, 5 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 04/04/2002
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New Features - Build 22
 1. *** IMPORTANT*** For GoldMine users, under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager there is now an option to also copy the sale amount or forecast amount into the forecasted sale notes. With this new change, please verify the settings you expect are indicated on this window.

 2. Support for SalesLogix 5.x contact management software has been added! You can now use your SalesLogix contact information in your quotes, and a link to the QuoteWerks quote is created in the SalesLogix contacts' Attachments tab.

 3. QuoteWerks is now certified for use with Maximizer 7.0.

 4. If you are using the Outlook shared public contacts to retrieve your contact information, you can now specify any folder in any path.

 5. The Product Import Wizard can now import files that have each line delimited by only a single line feed character versus the more common carraige return and line feed character combination.

 6. Synnex distributor price list data can now be imported into QuoteWerks using the new product import line delimiter support.

 7. Document Purge Wizard enables you to batch purge (ie delete) old quotes/orders/invoices based on aging, or other criteria. Purged documents can be archived for retrieval in the future.

 8. QuoteWerks now supports command line options! You can pass the user login name (/u:"John Lewe") and password (/p:"My Password" | /p: {for blank password} ) as command line options to automatically log into QuoteWerks bypassing the normal login window.

 9. Using the new command line options, (/a:1 ) you can automate the Merge Remote Documents process.

 10. Using the new command line options, (/a:2 | /a:3 ) you can automate the updating of the Tech Data, or Merisel database indexes.

 11. Using the new command line options, (/i:"My Import.itd" ) you can automate the importing of products into a native product database from an import template.

 12. Using the new command line options, (/r:"pcatalog.rcf",2,"HP laserjet 4000" ) you can automate the previewing or printing of any management report.

 13. Using the new command line options (/n:o | /n:q | /n:i | /n:t,"Template Name" ), you can have QuoteWerks automatically load a new empty order, invoice, or quote when starting QuoteWerks. You can also specify a template to load when starting QuoteWerks.

 14. Using the new command line options (/c:1 | /c:2 | /c:3 ), you can retrieve the currently open contact from your contact manager into the sold to and/or ship to fields.

 15. Using the new command line options (/t:1 | /t:2 | /t:3 | /t:4 | /t:4 ), you can set the default worksheet tab that is displayed.

 16. Using the new command line options (/exit | /exit:1 | /exit:2 ), you can command QuoteWerks to exit.

 17. The Activity Scheduler can now be used to schedule the import of a products into a native product database using an import template.

 18. The Activity Scheduler can now be used to schedule the updating of the Tech Data and Merisel database indexes.

 19. There are now options to set the number of decimal places for both unit prices and extended prices on the Misc tab of the Tools|Options menu there .

 20. The Medic utility now enables you to select multiple databases to repair and compact as a batch process. This will make database maintenance much easier. Also, the medic utility can now also tell you what users are still logged into QuoteWerks.

 21. Medic Utility, You can now view and delete log files.

 22. Medic Utility, You can now view, delete and restore backup files.

 23. Medic Utility, You can now remove read only properties of all files and sub-folders within the QuoteWerks directory.

 24. Medic Utility, You can now view the list of currently logged in users.

 25. Medic Utility, Now it checks that no users in QuoteWerks before starting database maintenance.

 26. Medic Utility, Now it sets a lock file while maintenance is being run so that users cannot log into QuoteWerks until the maintenance process is complete.

 27. Medic Utility, now supports command line parameters; (/r) for repair, (/c) for compact, (/f:[path]) to specify the database or folder of databases to perform the operation on, and (/exit) to exit the medic utility when finished.

 28. There is now a Change Password button on the Personal tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. This allows users to change their own passwords from this menu.

 29. Added new And/OR selection option for use when searching for more than one value in a description field on the product lookup window.

 30. Added new Misc Access security right CannotDisplayAllLayouts. This prevents the user from having a quote open, and then selecting the Display all layouts checkbox on the File|Print window where the user can then select an invoice print layout and print it.

 31. Added new cover page macros &DH_SubTotal, &DH_LocalTax, &DH_GSTTax, &DH_TotalTax, &DH_GrandTotal, &DH_ShippingAmount.

 32. New option in the Peachtree link to use the ship to information from the order in the purchase orders that are created. Previously, the purchase order ship to would default to blank.

 33. In site.ini file added new key DocDueDate under the [Defaults] section. You can set this key value to {+15} to automatically calculate the default for the Doc Due Date field to 15 days from the current data when a new document is created.

 34. Removed 1024 character limit for F2 lookup values used for memo fields. The limit is now 32,000 characters. Also, the tooltip will now display the item value on multiple lines.

 35. Macro &SYS_FirstDayOfLastWeekForSQL was added for use in report filters.

 36. The CustomDate01 and CustomDate02 fields on the Edit Product window can now be linked to the CustomDate01 and CustomDate02 columns on the document items tab. This can be set under the View|Customize columns.

 37. While in the CustomMemo01 or CustomMemo02 columns on the DocumentItems tab, you can now double-click inside the cell to display a zoomed (larger) window to view and edit the contents of the cell.

 38. The column widths of the Ingram Micro, Merisel and Tech Data product databases in the products lookup window are now memorized, and will stay from session to session.

 39. Added an option to display product price history on the Add Item Assistant window.

 40. Added menu item on right click product lookup menu to display product price history for selected product.

 41. When converting a quote to an order, or an invoice, the default DocStatus of the new order or invoice can now be setup in advance under the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu.

 42. When you do a copy and then paste of a product record in the Product Lookup window, more fields are copied including the custom fields.

 43. Added FolderID column to native product database product lookup window columns. This is useful for seeing which items are not in folders.

 44. Added UnitWeight column to native product database product lookup window columns.

 45. Added Customer column to the results window of the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu.

Misc Features - Build 22
 1. If a grouped bundle item has a quantity greater than 0 and less than 1, it will display when printed. Currently, only quantities greater than 1 would display.

 2. When creating a new product in the product database, record does not get created until you click on the OK button.

 3. When creating a sales forecast in GoldMine, the first 255 characters of the contents of the internal notes field from the notes tab would be copied into the notes field of the GoldMine forecast.In the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu, you can now specify which field you would like to search for from the list of choices. Now the entire contents are copied.

 4. In product database for unit of measure and unit of pricing, using a space will now overide the default of "ea" with a space which appears to be empty.

 5. When creating a new product database, you no longer have to enter the database extension of .mdb in the name.

Fixes - Build 22
 1. Problem with new TeleMagic link when creating associated rollup document.

 2. Bug in ACT 2000 caused a random 5 decimal value to appear in sales forecast amount when certain amounts used. Also this bug would not allow for negative sales amounts. Different functions were used to circumvent the issues.

 3. If you double-clicked on the products button on the toolbar instead of single-clicking, and error would occur.

 4. The CustomMemo fields on the Custom tab of the Edit Product window were not wrapping onto multiple lines.

 5. If a grouped bundled used a discount price modifier, the alternate unit price for the grouped bundle did not reflect the discount.