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Version 3.0 Build 21 Summary
3 New, 3 Fixes, and 0 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/09/2002
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New Features - Build 21
 1. In the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu, you can now specify which field you would like to search for from the list of choices.

 2. When sending an email and you use a dialup service and you are not currently connected, QuoteWerks will now remember the last dialup connection login password that you entered (in addition to the connection name and login id) the last time you used it so that you do not have to retype it.

 3. The Alternate Currency field on the Sale Info tab that determines the alternate currency prices for the quote can now be populated using the DataLink feature.

Fixes - Build 21
 1. If a filter was specified for a report on a product database, it was ignored.

 2. In the product lookup window, when selecting a product folder, and then selecting the popup menu to cut, and then pasting the folder to the new location, the operation would succeed, but an error message would be displayed.

 3. If a delimiter other than tab or comma for the text file to import was selected when importing product information, the import would fail.