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    Matt Rose, Quintadena - Top QuoteWerks Partner
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    Mark Newton, Newton Technologies
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    Alan McDonald, CEO, AllConnected, Inc.
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    Patrick Holland, President, Varay Systems
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    John Forti, NCD Tech
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    Bobby Kuzma, President and CEO of Central Florida Technology Solutions
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    Rich Rubin, CEO of Mobile Studios, Inc.
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    Michael Sharpstene, SCMS
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    Jon Klubnick, Tandem Training & Support - ACT! ACC
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    Guy Gregory, Peak Support - IT Support
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    Cindy Kool, Training Solutions, Inc- Software Training
  • Cohen Barnes, TBC Net, Inc.
    Cohen Barnes, TBC Net, Inc. - IT Consulting & ISP
  • Jane Scotland, Beyond the Invisible
    Jane Scotland, Director, Beyond the Invisible - AV/IT
  • Rick Lacombe, Sonitrol
    Rick Lacombe, Vice President, Sonitrol of Tallahassee
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    Steve Wright, BMS Digital Solutions Ltd - IT Support
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    James Windemer, Littlefish IT Support - IT Support
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    Heidi Fischer, I-Evolve
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  • Nate Hansen, MasterControl, Inc.
    Nate Hansen, MasterControl, Inc.

The best thing about QuoteWerks is that does what they say it does and is indeed for every industry. We use QuoteWerks for the sales in aluminum joinery and have been able to tailor make it for this industry. I would love to see the other 200 franchisees also take this up. The tutorials are fantastic and you don't need to spend thousands of dollars in training. The people at Aspire are second to none and I tell everyone how nice it is to deal with a company that actually responds back. It took me a little while to get into the software but the rewards are fantastic. I can see Great potential for QuoteValet in this industry as well. Keep up the Great work and I look forward to the next update!
Roger Ryken, Acclaim Joinery

We have been using QuoteWerks for about 2 years now. It is a great product. We use it for standard quotes and [also for] proposal generation. Very easy to use system and the support is great when we have questions. We can generate quotes faster than ever and we utilize the QuoteValet system to get clients to accept the quotes faster - more sales with less work sounds like a great deal to me.
Larry Schwartz, Midnight Blue Technology Services

Recently we switched to QuoteWerks from one of their competitors. We struggled with the previous product's poor tech support and clunky interface. With the previous product, most of the times we engaged support, we were told we had to buy professional services. Switching to QuoteWerks was one of the best decisions we could of made. Everything about QuoteWerks is rock solid and the product is fast and intuitive. The tech support is top notch and I cannot say enough good things about them and the product.
Thad Gerber, Velocity Network Solutions, Inc

QuoteWerks has been helping Paradigm increase our bottom line AND increase our efficiency for several years now. This is a great product with lots of flexibility, and best of all it just WORKS! For years I struggled with delegating purchasing due to issue with tracking inventory and insuring that product was accounted for. With QuoteWerks ConnectWise and QuickBooks integration I have been able to create a purchasing and billing process that makes sense, and that is easy to reconcile so that I can make sure that product is billed properly and accounted for. And best of all, the process can finally be handed off to other staff members. I could go on about the product, but that is not the best part of QuoteWerks, the best part is the people! The QuoteWerks team is the most responsive vendor I have worked with in almost 20 years of business. You can't go wrong with this product!
Shawn Walsh, Paradigm Computer Consulting, Inc.

We at Main Street Software have found QuoteWerks to be a joy to work with! From the initial ordering process where we received back 4 emails with everything we needed to get started to our complete integration with ConnectWise we could not be more pleased. In the nearly 30 years we have been working with software, we have rarely seen an application install, setup and operate as easily and clearly as QuoteWerks. After 1 week, we had our Sage Profession Item master file as a QuoteWerks Product Source, we had real-time Etilize connections with Ingram, D & H, and Tech Data, and completed our ConnectWise integration. We added the downloaded Tech Data prodcod file and added this as a product source. To our surprise, we did not have to do anything besides follow the QuoteWerks wizard and it built the Categories and Manufacturer folders! Over 600,000 products and the lookups are instant and no import was needed, it pulls right from the .DBF file that is easily updated.

We especially like the ability to merge our various Cover Pages, Literature, and Spec sheets on the fly with the Quote into a single unified document. We are now completing our standard quote templates, our bundles, and configurations. We are running it live and producing quotes and proposals that are more professional, more accurate and far faster than ever before. We are actually looking at quoting as FUN rather than a labor!

Our productivity will improve significantly and our QuoteWerks return on investment will be a couple of months! We look forward to adding the QuoteValet when it is released.
Robert Aubry, Vice President, Main Street Software, Inc.

For the first 10 years in business, we used a customized spreadsheet for all of our quotes. I created all quotes for my salespeople and it worked... I thought. After looking at QuoteWerks, I didn't even look at anything else - I immediately made the purchase. Over the past 6 months of using QuoteWerks, my time spent on quotes has been drastically reduced and my quotes now look 1,000 times better. In the past, a lot of 'pricing' information was in my head, but now anyone in my company can do a quote without any pricing decisions to make. I have everything preloaded so there are no decisions for them to make other than what to quote and how quick to get a signature! Over the past few months, I continue to implement features that make QuoteWerks even better for our use, with the latest being Etilize, which is an absolutely amazing tool. QuoteWerks is now an essential part of our company - it has made us more efficient, delivers exceptional quotes and in turn has definitely made us more money. Thank you QuoteWerks!
Scott Edwards, President, Netranom Communications

I wanted to take a moment to send you an email and let you know how much I appreciate the assistance that I've received from both Joshua (sales) and Shawn (tech support). I have, on numerous occasions, contacted QuoteWerks to assist with the installation, configuration, and integration of QuoteWerks with our ConnectWise software. It is very comforting to know that I am able to reach a live person for support almost instantaneously. On absolutely every question that I have written for myself throughout the deployment process I was able to receive a knowledgeable, and suitable answer from either Joshua or Shawn. The extensive knowledge that both these individuals possess of the software they sell and support is nothing short of impressive.
Thomas J. Lohr, Operations Manager, Techworks Consulting, Inc.

QuoteWerks has very quickly and effortlessly revolutionized our purchasing processes here at MIS Solutions. We downloaded the evaluation copy of QuoteWerks and found it very easy to use; in fact it was so easy that we were able to replace our old purchasing process within a week. This is the first product that we have used that ties directly into ConnectWise and we are really seeing the benefits of using such a closely integrated product. We can now create quotes, schedule follow-ups and create opportunities in minutes - all from within one single tool. QuoteWerks has very quickly become our go to system. We have been using it now for about 2 months and I can confidently say that we have literally saved thousands.

Joshua and his team have provided us spectacular support. We just can't get over how easy it's been to make the switch - not to mention how much money we have saved! If you are a ConnectWise customer and are looking for a quick and easy quoting system then I can confidently say that you will have a hard time finding something that will be able to work as well as QuoteWerks - at any price point!
- Lliam Holmes, CEO, MIS Solutions

"We invested in QuoteWerks many years ago to work alongside ACT! and QuoteWerks has proved itself again and again to be robust, reliable, and an invaluable tool within my sales department. Also the technical support we have received over the years has always been superb, as you have again demonstrated. I only wish other applications and suppliers followed QuoteWerks' example."

- Leo Craig, Sales Manager, Riello Galatrek, Ltd.

"QuoteWerks has changed the way we quote forever. We cannot go back to the "old" way. QuoteWerks has allowed us to remove the "black art" that only sales people with twenty years experience could apply. The team at Quintadena have been first class from the initial project outline to the continuing support of QuoteWerks."

- Wayne Albone, Thyssenkrupp

"I love QuoteWerks, it's a fantastic product and I'd love to take it and apply it to other companies. Now that I've been using it for several months I don't know how I ever did without it."

- James Walker, President, Preferred Computers, Inc

"Your support is great and we love your product. It has saved us hours in getting quotes ready for clients. Excellent product!"

- Robert Parker, Alltech Computer Works

"We have been using QuoteWerks for many years now and have found it an essential part of our business. It saves us a lot of time and gives us one location to organize all of our product pricing information. We work with over 30 different product vendors and QuoteWerks has makes it easy to provide timely quotes to our Customers. We have integrated QuoteWerks with our Goldmine Contact Database and our QuickBooks financial software. This saves us hours each day and helps us maintain a consistent flow of information across all aspects of our business."

- Dave Theurer, Intermountain Environmental, Inc.

" We love QuoteWerks, and have been big fans ever since the days of QuotePro.

This product keeps our salespeople out of our accounting system (always a good thing), and ensures that our inventory file only contains items that we have actually sold. This is critical as systems integrators, where we quote thousands of different products each year, but sell several hundred. QuoteWerks also makes the purchasing process much simpler, by automatically creating purchase orders for each vendor on a order.

As a reseller of QuoteWerks, we also really appreciate how quickly we can rollout and implement QuoteWerks for our clients. They appreciate how flexible and customizable QuoteWerks is for their businesses.

My favorite thing about QuoteWerks though, is how our suggestions are actually listened to and acted on. I have seen changes made to the product within less than a year based on suggestions that I made.

It just keeps getting better and better!"

- Kathryn Prager, Computer Upgrades, Inc., QuoteWerks Sales Partner and User

"When reviewing quoting software for our company, I read many companies' claims that they provided the best and easiest way to prepare and send quotes to customers. I did not find this the case until I found QuoteWerks.

The QuoteWerks sales team provided me an overview of the software and a trial period to which I put it through its paces. I found it to be the most simple, straight-forward software in its category, robust and packed with many great features, at a reasonable cost.

Most of all though is the customizability of the software to meet the needs of my company. This in conjunction with the excellent customer service which I received at all levels made it the perfect product for our company.

I feel we made the best choice possible."

- John Jones, Vision Specialties

"I wanted to let you know that we have been very impressed with QuoteWerks and your organization. The application works seamlessly with ACT! and has all the features that we would want like the automatic scheduling of a follow up, the installation of the document link and the auto fill buttons.

Your technical support is also the very best we have encountered over the years. There is always a live person available when you need them.

We love QuoteWerks! Thanks for your services."

- Kamron Kirkconnell, Internal Technologies

"QuoteWerks is central to our business. It has given us complete control of our sales process & the ability to create quotation designs which are unmatched by our competitors. Being in an industry where product images are important, the ability to have pictures automatically on our quotations is excellent. We can now simply manage our purchase orders & invoices and provide instant communications to our customers.

We have also created comprehensive management reports which give us live sales opportunity data & management performance & profitability reports. Add to this the simple way it links into other major software, we know we have made the best choice to keep us ahead in our industry."

- David Long, CEO, Sourcing City

" Bringing in QuoteWerks into my company was the best decision I could have made for the following reasons:

  • Our quotes are accurate every time.
  • The quote has a very professional façade and tasteful presentation; customized for our company.
  • The cycle time from customer sales call to producing a quote has been reduced from 2 days to 2 hours.
  • Converting quotes to orders with attached contracts & drawings is a mouse click away.
  • Tracking and finding old quotes is easy in with the database search.
  • My competition look like they are in kindergarten compared to our quotes.
  • Making changes to the product database is quick & easy, including new product additions and update pricing.
  • I spend more time selling rather than sitting at a computer!"

- Brian McGarry, President, Sapphire Pools

"We began using QuoteWerks 4 years ago and have experienced not only a better product but also better service than from any of the other business software applications we use. QuoteWerks' service is second to none in the field of software support. Responses are quick and the staff is always polite, understanding and helpful. For anyone considering a quotation software solution, we highly recommend QuoteWerks."

- Paul Hackett, President, H2flow, Inc.

"We are an industrial equipment distributor with 24 staff including 12 installers. We sell and install lubrication equipment in fast lubes, car dealerships, fleets, mines and municipalities across Alberta, Canada. We also install industrial fuel sites and cardlock systems.

We would be happy to recommend QuoteWerks. Some of the things we like are:

  • The flexibility of pricing and costing systems
  • The printing options and ability to change and customize quotes and reports
  • The ability to add detailed notes (sometimes several pages)
  • The ability to display groups and items the way we want them displayed
  • The ability to build bundles for packages of fittings

The single huge benefit that we did not expect was the ability of QuoteWerks to carry the projects onward to the order and invoice stage. We were expecting the quoting capability but we are using it to follow the projects, using about 15 different status designations, right through to the invoice stage. Once invoiced by our accounting program, we note the invoice # on the document, lock the record and the rest of the company still has access to the details of the transaction indefinitely.

Overall, we have processed 12,841 documents, 9952 of them being sales, since 2003. We would be pleased to recommend this program to anyone."

- Joe Murphy, President, Fireball Equipment, Ltd.

"I have been a loyal QuoteWerks customer for the last 5-6 years, and a proponent even longer. I recommend QuoteWerks to associate friends as well as the multiple factories that I represent, though never to competitor reps who ask me why my quotes look so good. My quotes do look better than anything my competitors provide, and because of multiple templates that I've created over the years, most of the primary quotes that I do, I can provide in 5 minutes or less.

I looked at all of the solutions out there. When I joined my partner, he was doing all of his quotes in Excel. While he was intimidated by software in general - still is, even he got the hang of things pretty quickly. Is it as simple out-of-the-box as a couple of the other quoting solutions out there? Not quite. However, those other solutions, while simple, have limitations that QuoteWerks does not. The ability to easily clone and customize print layouts is integral to my business - each quotation incorporates the logo of the factory being quoted. Creating new layouts now takes me all of 5 minutes. A novice user can use the product quite well; a more computer savvy user can leverage the power of the program even more.

Because of the custom fields, I am able to specify the quote tracking to most any level I desire. I'm sure if I spent more time unlocking the potential, I could leverage it even more.

Bottom line: I make more money BECAUSE of QuoteWerks."
- Principal, CGA

"As for the estimate itself, it is a work of art. You guys really have a winner."
- Ed Bradley, Owner, AVS Integrations Corp.

"We are a GoldMine reseller based in the UK and are routinely asked about quotation systems that can integrate with GoldMine or ACT. We started reselling QuoteWerks over 7 years ago and support an installed base of 100's of QuoteWerks users. For us the key benefits of QuoteWerks are:

  • Excellent functionality making it easy to configure the application to support a wide variety of business models.
  • Incredibly stable; we simply don't have support issues with either the Access or SQL versions of the application, on the very rare occasions we have had to resort to using the QuoteWerks helpdesk the issues have been resolved in an effective and timely manner, further the vast majority of times when we have had cause to use QuoteWerks support the issue is a "How Do I?" rather than fixing broken software.
  • The QuoteWerks development team is responsive to enhancement requests from their customer base; the application is driven by customer needs not technology. This has resulted in an application that is very rich in useful, practical functionality.

QuoteWerks sets bench marks on product stability, functionality and support responsiveness that are way beyond those of any other application developers that we deal with. In summary great product, great company."

- Richard Dodds, RD Associates MK Ltd. in the United Kingdom

"We have used QuoteWerks for the past couple years. QuoteWerks is an invaluable tool for the success of our commercial business. The benefits QuoteWerks provides me are:

  • We are able to provide quotes quickly, with professional appearance while always knowing what our % and $ margins are. We have been able to increase our overall profit margins by a minimum of 5% since using QuoteWerks.
  • Importing databases is of course, very important. The system allows importation from a spreadsheet. I can tweak the spreadsheet with information that is important to me and then import it. By importing the database, errors are eliminated and I can make complete changes as vendor's send updates.
  • QuoteWerks pulls directly from my Act!, saves a quote in Act! and opens the quote in QuoteWerks when I click onto it.
  • The quote's appearance (layout) can be easily modified. I have a repetitive customer that I made up a special template and use it just for their quote.
  • I can easily monitor and change the margin on each item which is a really valuable tool.
  • I made up a freight template that I use internally on most quotes. I print out the quote and it shows the freight on each item. This is valuable if I have a number of vendors on one quote and need to figure freight cost by vendor. The system will show the total weight on a given quote.
  • With everyone having access to computes, being able to e-mail the quotes is valuable verses faxing them.
  • The transport feature is great: Since I am responsible for our commercial department, it allows me to tweak the working quote and send it back to a remote sales office to finish.
  • I found it important that I only needed to call support a couple times over the years. Most questions can be answered via the book or on-line. Phone support was valuable when needed.

To summarize: QuoteWerks is a monetary and time commitment. Once you use it and understand what it is capable of doing, it will be a valuable tool that you will not want to (or can afford to) be without."

- Tim Scheller, Scheller's Fitness & Cycling

"Just a short note to tell you how much I really like your product. I have only had it in use for about 3 weeks. The product has paid for itself in that time and then some. I also want to add that your support staff is outstanding. All I need to do is call, and my questions and/or problems are solved. Your product has given me the ability to create quotes quickly and professionally, allowed me the opportunity to generate more sales, and given me back personal time that I used to spend writing up quotes.

Thanks again for such a great product."

- David Heiby UZ Engineered Products

"I normally do not get excited over software, quite the contrary, it actually bores me to death. QuoteWerks, on the other hand, does pay for itself and is exciting to use as well as robust in what the software accomplishes. Just the time saved and the custom quotes that QuoteWerks allows the end-user to do with ease makes my quotes stand above the competitions. I can honestly say that I have gained clients and have been awarded contracts due to the professional looking quotes / proposals that I deliver even when my product is the same as my competition. I would love to think that it was me as the super salesperson, but time and time again, QuoteWerks helps close the sale as much as I do. "

- Bud McCormick, Marketing Director , Paradise Foam, LLC

"I must say your product is absolutely brilliant! And I have only been using it for 1 day, the benefits are really outstanding for my company thanks again!"

- Peter Bates, Sales & Marketing Director Zepher UK Ltd

"Your software is outstanding. You will literally save me days each month over my old semi-automated process. I just sent out three quotes totaling $200,000 in a fraction of the time I used to spend. The lightning quick turn-around time that I can now deliver, thanks to QuoteWerks, will certainly be a competitive advantage for us."

- Mark Schmale Accelerated Post

"I just want to express my gratitude to you for not only your excellent product, but also for your outstanding support. With the help that I have received from you combined with the capabilities of your software, our process of generating quotes for customers has gone from 45 minutes per quote down to under 5 minutes. Outstanding! Thank you for all of your help."

- Brian Tommasone, Senior Engineer NCS DataCom, Inc.

"Just wanted to let you know that I have dealt with many people in tech support in many companies.

Your tech support people seem to be the most informed and helpful tech support people that I have ever dealt with anywhere.

We sell and install computer networks and equipment and have found your tech support people a pleasure to deal with."

- Bob Ordan, President Knights Nets, Inc.

" Here are some of our experiences

Our Quotes now have a professional and homogenous look after absolute minimal efforts.

The time we spend creating and editing quotes has probably been reduced with 75% or more

The automatic margin & profit calculations allows real-time negotiations on the phone

Quality assurance is built into the quotation process reducing the number of errors dramatically

Our competitiveness has clearly improved as we now issue new or edited quotes in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps the best investment we ever made

We were producing quotes from day 1

We received outstanding support from QuoteWerks in the implementation process "

- Morten Roising, VP Sales & Marketing Enterprise Systems, Inc.

"Since I became a customer about a month ago, I have been so impressed by every type of contact I have had with your company.

The sales, service and product have been outstanding. I love the idea that I can get real, helpful answers from your website.

On top of that, the application helps me spend more time selling and look more professional at the same time. As a small business man, I am basically in the information management business. QuoteWerks has become a key tool."

- Paul Matthews

"You have a great product and we have already put it to great use. My customers are really surprised in how fast they receive our quotes and how professional they look."

- J Hollinshead, VP of Sales/Marketing Raider Technologies, LLC

"[QuoteWerks] has cut down my quoting time in half, and I am always sure that I have never forgotten to include all the necessary parts. It is the best money I have spent in the automation of my small business."

- Carlos Featherston, Consultant CF Consulting Ltd.

"This program has a seldom-found flexibility to adapt according to a specific need. It is more difficult to find a product that is suitable for a manufacturer's representative firm. After extensive searching and trying several products, I have selected QuoteWerks and am most happy with the results."

- Jim Hager, President McFadden Sales, Inc.

"You guys have the best support in the industry, keep up the good work!"

- Paul Alvarez GTC Systems

"I wanted to let you know that QuoteWerks is hot. This set-up is great, I can go right from Goldmine to QuoteWerks, punch in some part numbers, generate a quote and email it in the time it use to take me just to write an email to someone in Canton giving them all the info needed to generate a quote. Thanks."

- Chuck Gleason, Sales Engineer Instron Corporation

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you and the team there on a truly fantastic package. We've only being using it for a week, but continue to be amazed at some of the features."

- John Couvaras Datastor Australia Pty Ltd

"The product is working so well. I am sorry that I did not find it two years ago."

- Mike Fanelli Sales Strategies, Inc.

"Thanks for producing such a great product. Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate the utility value of QuoteWerks. I am delighted with your product."

- George Vander Dussen All Scan Alarms
Selling/Installation of Security Systems

"We constantly get comments on how good, professional, and timely our quotes are for customers and prospects. If they only knew how easy it was to make one up!"

- Jim Horany Texas Pump

"We purchased your product only weeks ago after many years of designing and using our own Clipper based software. This has undoubtedly made a significant contribution to our 'winning' a prestigious new account. The ability for us, to produce high quality quotes with product pictures incorporated together with spec sheets and the like, obviously made a huge impact on our client. The facility to quickly and easily move from a 'draft quote' with numerous options, to a final quote sent speedily via email, was critical to our success. This may be only one successful quote but for us this one new account will open up many doors. For any business looking to get an edge over their competitors, (particularly in high tech) we unreservedly recommend your product. "

- Carleton Croft, General Manager CRA Data Solutions.

"Great Website! ... Great Video! ... Great Customer Care! ... and Great Response Time! ... Guaranteed success in my mind! "

- Dave Noel, President RhinoTrax International, Inc.
Manufacturing/Distribution of truck parts

Thanks for your responsiveness, professionalism, and concern. You guys Rock!
Dave McLean Rez Logic